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We manage a forum of more than 1,400 graduates of our programs, providing opportunities for continued personal and professional advancement,

as well as volunteering.

The members of the network influence, lead and initiate actions - each in his own private environment and in joint activities for the organization's graduates.

The activities are focused on three areas:

Graduate Network

Olim Beyahad’s network consists of graduates of the organization's programs who choose to be part of a high-quality group that works to promote the organization's vision in a wide range of activities. The graduates take an active part in the organization's activities, initiate volunteer activities within the community and in Israeli society in general, and work to expand the networking of network members in particular.


Graduate Seminar

Held once a year. The seminar allows the network members to meet, participate in workshops and hold discussions on various social and professional issues.


Networking meetings 

Multiple meetings on a wide range of topics depending on the interests of the network’s members. The purpose of the meetings is to expand the social and professional connections of the network members through physical and online meetings.


אפליקציית בוגרים – אחד האמצעים לנטוורקינג ומקוון הינו אפליקציה (יישומון) לניהול קהילות. 

חברי רשת הבוגרים מעלים תכנים, מנהלים דיונים, מתייעצים, מתעדכנים ומשתמשים בכל הכלים שיש לאפליקציה להציע.


A social and community home

The graduate network holds social gatherings to promote community-related issues and creates a broad and diverse social circle that includes enrichment content and constitutes a social and community home for the network members.

Professional development

We continue to provide graduates with the best tools for personal development through career development processes, professional courses and personal mentoring. All this in order to maximize their ability and influence in Israeli society in general and in the employment market in particular.

Executive Development Program


The program is designed for graduate network members who have reached a managerial position and are interested in further developing their management careers for senior positions. The program takes place once a year and includes workshops, lectures, a meeting with sources of inspiration, a practicum under the guidance of a mentor and meetings with senior executives.

Career counseling

Graduates receive advice when it comes to achieving the next career goal. Accompaniment is given to graduate network members who are interested in advancing their professional careers to senior positions. This is a leading leadership group among Ethiopians who will be integrated into the political, social and economic leadership in Israel, through which it will be possible to initiate a process of change in perceptions and attitudes in society

Professional English course


English language proficiency is a prerequisite for advancing and developing the careers of employees and managers. We enable graduates to acquire tools with an emphasis on business English, which enables them to deal with the English language in the field of professional practice. The course includes simulations of discussions on a variety of topics taken from work life and simulations of small talk that are common in meetings with guests from abroad.

Directors' course

In an effort to place the graduates at the forefront of the Israeli economy, we select a number of graduates each year who participate in the directors' course. This is in order to increase the representation of the community among the decision-makers in the organizations. The graduates are integrated into directors' courses held at Tel Aviv University, receive guidance from a mentor, and guidance in aspiring to be placed as a board member in the various organizations.

 Social Involvement

Mentoring for colleagues and graduates of the organization

Mentoring is a key tool for advancing peers in the various programs. When graduates of the programs become mentors themselves, they set a personal example for colleagues, bringing their professional achievements to fruition. We hold mentoring courses for graduates in order to best prepare them for the field of accompaniment.

תהליך מנטורינג צילום דור פזואלו.png

Volunteering in the organization

We encourage members of the graduate network to participate in the organization's activities by delivering lectures to colleagues, participating in workshops as facilitators, panels, as consultants in their field, as "door openers", and participating in the selection processes of new colleagues in various programs.

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"Journey of a Story "

"Without the story of Ethiopian Jewry, the Jewish story and the Zionist story would not be complete" (President of the State, R. Rivlin, 2016)

The "Story on the Road" project is an initiative of a graduate of Immigrants Together, Adv. David Abta, currently Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Absorption and Aliyah. As part of the project, members of the graduate network are hosted in private homes, organizations and groups, and tell their personal story and the journey from Ethiopia to Israel.

"A Story on the Road" weaves together the story of the aliyah and the frequent challenges that the Israeli experience invites to Ethiopians. In addition, he opens a dialogue with the hosts and those present on the topics and situation presented at the meeting.

The "Story on the Road" project of immigrants together has been hosted at the President's House, government offices, leading business companies in the Israeli economy, various boards, and so far more than 2,500 people have been exposed to the project.

סיפור על הדרך-Edit_1.jpg

We advocate expanding social engagement and the spirit of volunteering among network members as part of fulfilling the organization's vision. Volunteering from the graduate network is another means of promoting a perceptual change in Israeli society.


During the volunteering, the members of the graduate network express the tools they have acquired in the various professional programs. Moreover, the volunteers expand the social circle of the network members and their ability to influence the citizens of the State of Israel.

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