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Our Programs
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University/College Graduates

We work to assist Ethiopian Israeli university and college graduates in establishing significant long-term careers by providing vital tools, direction, and professional knowledge. This will facilitate the maximum utilization of each participant’s academic education and personal and professional abilities.

We guide the graduates at various points in their careers in order to increase the percentage of those employed in high quality and leading jobs, in executive roles, and key positions in Israel’s workforce. We do this via several programs and strategic partnerships with the business, public, and social sectors.

“Employment Excellence and Leadership Program” –

Career Development for University/College Graduates

This program facilitates the suitable employment integration of Ethiopian Israeli university and college graduates at the forefront of Israel’s workforce. The program aims to provide participants with the necessary tools to build a successful career path, while guiding them as they take their initial steps in the workforce and accompanying them through various crossroads in their careers.

The program serves students in the final semester of their studies, as well as university and college graduates with a B.A. and excelling practical engineers.

The program operates in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services

“Public Sector Initiative” – 

Career development for university/college graduates in Israel’s Public Sector

It is of crucial importance to ensure that Ethiopian Israeli university and college graduates integrate into high quality positions that enable them to take part in decision-making processes and policy-making. This program is geared towards graduates with employment experience in their professionals fields who strive to advance in Israel’s public sector and influence public and social policy.

The program operates in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services.

“MERI” – 

Career development for teachers pursuing executive positions in Israel’s education system

Education is a significant factor in forming consciousness and has an intrinsic ability to change reality. Within Israel’s Ministry of Education, the number of Ethiopian Israelis holding executive and management positions is 50% lower than among teachers from other sectors, while the number of Ethiopian Israeli principals is almost non-existent.

(Tenenbaum-Domanovitz, Gideon and Gilat, 2018)

The program is geared towards teachers with teaching certificates and educational experience who are interested in influencing Israel’s education system and advancing to executive and management positions.

The program operates in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services, as well as with the Merchavim Institute, the MOFET Institute, and Israel’s Ministry of Education.

Executives Training Program – 

Facilitating the advancement of university/college graduates to executive positions

While an increasing number of Ethiopian Israeli university and college graduates are employed in leading companies, there are very few Ethiopian Israelis employed in executive positions, to the point that there are no Ethiopian Israelis in executive positions in certain fields. According to data from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics in 2018, only 2% of Ethiopian Israelis serve in management positions vs. 13% among the general population. This statistic does not reflect the diverse reality we strive to reach.

Our Executives Training Program is geared towards university and college graduates from various fields with at least three years of work experience in their professional field who are interested in advancing to management and executive positions. We work with employers to identify potential candidates for promotion within their organizations, while creating an individual work plan with each participant.

The program operates in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services.

University/College Graduates
University/College Students

Academic studies have a crucial impact on the younger generation’s professional future. We strive to create infrastructures and opportunities in a variety of fields for excelling Ethiopian Israeli university and college students to enable them to integrate into prestigious academic institutions and study tracks and begin to build their careers while they are still students.

Excellence and Leadership Program for Excelling University/College Students:

The “Ariela” Program works with excelling university and college students majoring in leading fields, such as medicine, allied-health professions, exact sciences, and unique professions such as acting and theater. The program strives to increase the representation of Ethiopian Israelis in these professional fields. In the framework of the program, students receive an individual package of services, including personal guidance, mentoring, scholarships to cover dorm/tuition fees, private tutoring, and more.

“Tasa” Internship Program:

The “Tasa” (“breakthrough” in Amharic) Internship Program provides outstanding Ethiopian Israeli university and college students with the opportunity to gain professional experience in their field during their studies to facilitate job integration upon graduation. Participants come from the fields of computer science, engineering, law, and finance. The program includes thorough preparation for the employment world, professional paid internships at leading companies in participants’ field of studies, and guidance as they build their careers.

The program operates in cooperation with Bank Hapoalim, Israel’s Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services, and leading hi-tech companies.

B.A. Program in Cooperation
with the College of Management:

This program is operated in cooperation with the College of Management and is geared towards Ethiopian Israeli students at the college studying for a B.A. in computer sciences, engineering, law, and finance. The program includes personal guidance, personal mentoring, scholarships, professional workshops, and more. Participants begin the program during their first year of college and go on to join our “Tasa” Internship Program during their second year of studies

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Business Owners

“Ansash” Entrepreneurs Development Program

The “Ansash” (“entrepreneur” in Amharic) Entrepreneurs Development Program is geared towards business owners and entrepreneurs from various fields who have significant personal and business potential. Each entrepreneur is paired with a personal mentor who guides him/her in forming and implementing personal business plans with specific short-term and long-term objectives. Participants are guided over the course of three years, which are dedicated to facilitating the businesses’ development and gaining the tools and skills to facilitate long-term success. The goal is that following the three-year period, the business owners will have gained the necessary tools continue to advance their businesses independently.

The program operates in cooperation with Israel’s Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, and Social Services.

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We work to promote personal and academic excellence among Ethiopian Israeli youth as part of our belief that excellence and professional expertise in one’s teenage years are keys for the development of our future inspirational professionals and the leaders of tomorrow. We work with gifted youth who excel in a variety of fields, including academics, sports, and the arts.

Personal Excellence Program

The “Ariela” Program promotes excellence among gifted and excelling Ethiopian Israeli youth and encourages them to fulfill their potentials and dreams. The program includes personally-tailored work plans for each participant involving educational support to enable participants to reach the maximum utilization of their capabilities. The program includes personal guidance and direction, private tutoring, group enrichment workshops, scholarships as needed, and more.

Group Program for Excellence in Mathematics, English, and Science

The “Ariela” Program’s group track promotes excellence among Ethiopian Israeli youth and works to enable them to obtain a high quality “Bagrut” matriculation certificate, with an emphasis on mathematics, English, and science.

The program takes place in Petach Tikva and is operated in cooperation with Petach Tikva’s Municipality and local middle and high schools. The program serves students in 7th – 12th grade and includes after-school group meetings twice a week, individual guidance, group enrichment, and more.

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