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Olim Beyahad

Olim Beyahad was founded in 2007 by Adv. Yifat Ovadia and Adva Hadar with the mission to enable Ethiopian Israeli university graduates to integrate in suitable positions in the Israeli workforce.

Throughout the years, we have expanded our activities in order to realize our vision.

Changing the perceptions and negative attitude concerning Ethiopian Israelis in Israeli society


In order to realize our mission, to bring about a conscious change in Israeli society in general and policy makers in particular,

we offer various activities. 


In 2023 Ethiopian Israelis still struggle with open and hidden discrimination in various areas of life that prevent them from fulfilling their ambitions for individual, professional and economic development. Although there has been a relative change in different fields of the community, according to data, that there are still significant gaps in education, higher education,

employment and the media.

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Changing Society’s Perceptions of Ethiopian Israelis by the Media

This initiative recognizes the media’s role in shaping and changing society’s perceptions of Ethiopian Israelis by integrating them in positive contexts and in new jobs

Graduates’ Forum

We manage a forum of program graduates that is the future of our organization and a central means to achieving our mission. It provides opportunities for continued personal and professional advancement and volunteering.

Forming Partnerships

We form partnerships with employers and volunteers of leading organizations and institutions that serve as mentors and lecturers and play significant roles in promoting the process of integration of Ethiopian Israelis into executive positions in the Israel’s public sector, thus enriching and strengthening the diversity index of organizations. We work with the public sector to bring about significant change and enable our participants to serve as a public voice for the Ethiopian Israeli sector and become part of the decision-making processes. We also collaborate with various non-profit and third-sector organizations.

Training Development

We offer individual and group development programs to talented Ethiopian Israeli youth and university students with potential to excel, promote their economic and professional development, provide executive training programs for suitably employed Ethiopian Israeli university graduates and instill skills to advance to management positions.

Our activities


program graduat





graduates in management positions


of our participants integrate in high-quality employment positions


members in our network of volunteers

Our stories

Meet Revital Baylin

Revital is the graduate of the Excellence and Employment Leadership program. Revital is a salaried and independent interior designer. She studied interior architecture and decoration for 4 years. The program helped her integrate in the workforce and fulfill her ambitions to succeed

צילום יוני בקלה.JPEG

Meet Elmo Ishta

Elmo is a graduate of the “Ansash” program for entrepreneurs and businessmen, in which Ethiopian Israelis share their personal stories with various groups, exposing dozens to the heroic story of Ethiopian Jewry through the “Story of a Journey”.

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עולים ביחד - יום המתנדב
מצוינות בתעסוקה 2021 6
אנסש 2021 שיפור צבעים

Join Us!


Olim Beyahad is open to diverse collaborations. Please join us in discussing possible new connections and interesting opportunities for collaborations.

Government Ministries

Join our Programs

Olim Beyahad’s programs open regularly throughout the year. Please follow our Facebook page for updates and information on our upcoming program cycles.


Our activities are made possible by partnering with various donors from Israel and abroad.


Volunteering opportunities include serving as personal mentors for university graduates, students, and youth; giving lectures; leading workshops; assisting in job interview simulations; serving as English tutors; and more.

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